Troubleshoot incorrect or missing ELD logs

This article describes the steps that you can take if some of your ELD logs are incorrect or missing, or if your logs are different from those that your administrator sees in Reveal.

Make sure your logs are certified

If you are missing log entries, make sure that you have certified your logs. See Certify your ELD logs for information on how to view which log entries are uncertified and how to certify them.

Check whether your logs failed to upload

If you are missing log entries, check whether they failed to upload:

  1. In the navigation bar in the lower part of the screen, tap More.

  2. Tap App Diagnostic Data.

  3. Check whether you see Status Change uploads pending.

If you have pending data, check the following:

  • Is your mobile device’s network connection working?

    Verify with your administrator whether your mobile device uses mobile data or Wi-Fi only. Check whether you have a network connection by trying to access any internet page. If you have had to reconnect the network connection, it will take a few moments for the pending data to upload.

  • Does your mobile device have at least 200 MB of free storage space?

    If you don’t have enough space, free up some space by deleting unused files.

  • Are you using the latest version of Logbook?

    For more information, see General troubleshooting tips.

Contact support

If you cannot resolve the problem of your incorrect or missing logs, you can contact your administrator or Verizon Connect support.

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