Log out of Logbook

This article describes how to log out of the Logbook app.


Before you log out, make sure that you change your HOS status to Off Duty if you have finished your shift. If you are On Duty when you log out, you receive a prompt reminding you to go Off Duty.

  1. In the navigation bar in the lower part of the Logbook screen, tap More.

  2. On the Settings screen, tap Log Out.

  3. If you are still On Duty, you will get a prompt asking you to change your status to Off Duty.

    If you have finished your shift, it’s important that you change your status to Off Duty before you sign out. If you don’t change your status, the time until you next sign in is recorded as your current status and count towards your daily totals. For example, if your status is On Duty when you sign out, your On Duty time continues to increase until you sign in and change your status.

    Under On Duty, tap on Tap to change status.


    On the Status screen, tap OFF for Off Duty, and then tap Confirm.

  4. If you have not yet certified your logs, a list of days that need to be certified is displayed. For more information on certifying your logs, see Certify your ELD logs.


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