Accept or reject carrier edits

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This article describes how to accept and reject carrier edits, which are changes that your administrator has made to your ELD logs.

Your administrator might change your logs to make a correction or because you requested a change. Log changes can involve adding a new status or changing an existing status. These changes to your ELD logs are shown as a banner in the lower part of the Dashboard screen and on the Alerts screen under NOTIFICATIONS with the following text: 

“[admin name] proposed [driver name] a new status”.

You can accept or reject the proposed change. If you accept a change, the change is made to your log. You must then recertify the log.

To accept or reject change to your ELD logs:

  1. Tap the Alerts img-en-us-lb_alert_icon32.png icon in the upper part of the screen to view a list of your alerts.
  2. On the NOTIFICATIONS tab, review all alerts with the text “[admin name] proposed [driver name] a new status”. If you agree with the change that your administrator made, tap ACCEPT. If you disagree with a change that your administrator made, tap REJECT.

  3. If you have accepted the changes, you must recertify your log.

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