View your ELD logs

This article describes how to view the Status Log screen and its Graph, Events & Stops, and Driver tabs.

The Status Log screen allows you to view your ELD logs. You can view logs from the past six months.

To open the Status Log screen, tap Logs in the navigation bar in the lower part of the screen.


To change the date displayed, select the calendar LOGS2.png icon and choose a date.

The Status Log screen displays a summary of your current totals and other relevant information. To close the summary, tap the chevron LOGS3.png icon shown below.

View the Graph tab

The Graph tab displays a 24-hour timeline of your statuses on a single date. This graph is set in your time zone and runs from midnight to midnight.

Read the graph from left to right to view your status at a given time, and to see the duration of that status. The vertical axis tracks the different statuses. The horizontal axis tracks time.

The graph below shows the following statuses and times

  • OF 00:00 – 04:00

  • DR 04:00 – 06:00

  • ON 06:00 – 10:00

  • OF 10:00 – 12:10

  • DR 12:10 – 06:30

  • ON 06:30 – 00:00


View the Events & Stops tab

The Events & Stops tab lists the time when and location where each status change occurred in the 24-hour log period. Expand an item using the icon at the end of the line, to display the following information:

  • Comments

  • Vehicle

  • Shipping reference

  • Trailer number

  • Co-driver


View the Driver tab

The Driver tab displays the driver details for the 24-hour log period, including the driver name, license number, vehicle information, and commodity being hauled.


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