Watch video recordings in Reveal

You can watch videos in Reveal and Replay on your computer or in the Integrated Video app.

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Access the video

When a video of an unsafe driving behavior is available, you will:

  • See it in the Video >Events tab.

  • See a thumbnail preview of a triggered video in the Replay panel. Click the video to see more details pop up on the map. Then you can:

    • Watch the video in Replay by clicking the thumbnail preview.

    • Watch in Integrated Video alongside the full event details and analysis by selecting VIEW EVENT.

  • Receive a notification. You will continue to receive harsh driving alerts alongside these, unless you choose to turn them off.

  • Receive a video alert notifying you when a video is classified as Critical, Major, or Moderate.

You can update your video alert policy to choose who is notified.

Review the event

Once a video or alert is clicked, videos open and play automatically. The video footage is accompanied by the following information:

  • An analysis including triggers and detected events.

  • The road's speed limit.

  • A speed graph that shows the driver's speed before, during, and after the event.

  • The time and location of the incident.

  • Driver details (if assigned) and vehicle details.

  • Event activity details, such as:

    • Comments by other users.

    • Changes to the event’s Coaching status.

    • When the video was first viewed.

Take the appropriate action

After reviewing the video footage and event details, you can take any of the following actions:

  • Update the event’s Coaching status to:

    • Review pending.

    • Coaching needed.

    • Coaching not needed.

    • Coaching complete.

      Note: You can only update the coaching status when a driver is assigned.

  • Add a comment in the Event activity section.

  • Select the star icon Screenshot_2023-12-21_at_10_46_18.png to add the video to the Starred tab. This allows you to find important videos quickly.

  • Download the video.

Coach your driver in safer driving habits

In the Video > Drivers tab you can select any driver to view their Driver safety profile.

Profile data helps you to identify how this driver can maintain or improve safer driving habits over time.

Once you have coached a driver, update the event’s Coaching status to Coaching complete.


It is important to assign drivers to vehicles for the coaching feature to be useful. Assignment ensures data consistency for evaluating driver performance.

Assign drivers in Reveal.

Assign drivers using a key fob.

Learn more about the driver safety profile.

Watch and manage videos in the app

Download the Integrated Video app from:

btn-app-store.svg btn-google-play.svg

You can access the app with your Verizon Connect credentials.

Helpful icons

To watch a video in fullscreen, select the Fullscreen icon fullscreen.png . In the Video > Events tab, the Camera icon DC_video.png means that the vehicle has a driver camera installed.

When in fullscreen, select the Swap icon swap_black_white.png to see the video captured by the other camera.

Once you’ve visited a video page, its status changes from Unviewed to Viewed. Search for videos in Reveal by Viewed status and other filters.

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