Fees for Verizon Connect hardware services

Verizon Connect can send a qualified technician to your place of business to transfer, swap, and uninstall vehicle trackers, asset trackers, and dashcams for a fee.

Service type


Cost ($) per device

Uninstalling hardware

Removal of a tracker or dashcam from a vehicle or asset.


Transferring hardware

Moving a tracker or dashcam from one vehicle or asset to another.


Replacing hardware

Replacing or swapping an existing tracker or dashcam with a new tracker or dashcam.


No show

The vehicle or asset was not available for installation at the time of the scheduled service call.


Late cancellation

The service was canceled without 24-hour notice.



If you use Verizon Connect hardware services, the applicable fees are added to your monthly bill on the next billing cycle.

Further information

In Reveal, you can request hardware services from the Order equipment and services section of My Account.

Request the transfer of hardware

Request removal of hardware

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